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IMAXELL Info Tech is a digital marketing agency in Chennai, India which has been helping its clients to achieve maximum benefit out of the presently trending digital wave.

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Correct SEO strategy building and implementation can increase your search rankings

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SMO is Social Media Optimization. increasing your web traffic by promotions on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc.

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Local SEO is a technique to boost your search appearances in local, area-specific searches.This implies that using local SEO practices.

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Web designs matter a lot when it comes to online business websites. The structure and look of your website is the first thing to come under notice.

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The magic of technology has arrived as the Internet and a new financial world is happening as e-commerce sites which are successfully trading

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Reputation management is a tool to build, carry and maintain your social reputation in the market amongst your customers trustable and reliable

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SEO services agency in India

IMAXELL Info Tech is a SEO service provider company based in Chennai. It offers various facilities which come under the umbrella of digital marketing. Our goal is to enhance the impressions you create on the web for increased visibility and profits.

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What we offer?

Our organization aims to assist our clients in turning their ideas into imprints. These imprints are customized based on your target audience and services. We have strong-handed technical resources available for both in-house and offshore client interactions.

This SEO services agency in India offers valuable counselling in terms of a website based business planning, content optimization, website designing and broadcasting. By collaborating with us you can be assured of a smooth business routine

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What we do differently?

In this digital age, to be in the market is a tricky task in whole. You have to be present in the top searches and remain constantly active. To enable profits, the owner should be aware of the impacts being made every hour. iMaxell Technologies, a SEO company in Chennai allows you to constantly track your progress online.

The SEO services offered by our agency in India are trustable, on-time and in-budget. The flexible rates and service packages we extend are tailor made to suit your needs.

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Search Engine Optimization

A planned council on digital marketing can ease the establishment and promotion of your brand or blog. IMAXELL Info Tech is a digital marketing agency in Chennai, India which has been helping its clients to achieve maximum benefit out of the presently trending digital wave. Some of the services that we offer are listed below:

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • LOCAL SEO: Local Search Engine Optimization.
  • SMO: Social Media Optimization
  • Web Design and Development
  • Reputation Management

IMAXELL is an excellent SEO service provider company in Chennai. It has ample experience and possess qualified support, development and marketing teams which work together. Our technical experts assist you from top to bottom in the development of your business portal online. This digital marketing agency in Chennai, India has attracted many clients owing to its strict customer satisfaction and business policies. We believe in maintaining a 100% transparency while working on all the projects with the client. With a well-equipped design and development facility, this SEO service provider in Chennai becomes a one stop shop for all attending to all your business needs. So, if you are planning to build a new or revamp an existing online impression of your business, get in touch with our teams to avail the best customer service experience.

SEO and Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that blogging is an important tool for an outstanding performance of a website and so we train exhaustively your team with the list of most vital keywords to land your site in the first page of the search engine. This way the team will go on creating new contents and it will have a higher inclination towards well optimized keywords that is beneficial for your site's growth and any other links that will be created for the blogs will equilibrate the other goals in SEO. Eventually your team will make it easier for people to find applicable content on your site.If you are a blogger then your intention would be to interact with other popular blogs in your space and impart interesting comments in the conversations and develop a unique relationship with the people with their influential thoughts in your space. In the long run this kind of blogging will open up space for guest bloggers and more options or links for your content as it will be the center of attention.

Various Ways to Align Your Content Promotion for SEO & Social Media

There are today many social media except blogs such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. and all these are relevant for making a website popular.The people who are making use of these sites mostly commit the fault of promoting new and different URLs for the most potential key word rather than updating the existing URL with new content. Here is an example of such a situation, lets ponder that a cosmetic store releases a brand new coupon code for a particular product. It will be a very common path to take for the cosmetic store to make a new splash page with the coupon code and then post that new link in Twitter and Facebook pages. Whereas, the store could have served more functionally by putting the coupon code in the existing cosmetic page and posting the link to those sites. This way it could have been ensured that the main cosmetic page earns some social mentions and if somebody links to that particular URL then the links would have a positive impact on search enhancements for the cosmetic store page.

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We ensure that the work we do for our customers would create a stopover for the particular site and the customer would get enlightened from the website design which ultimately would pave way for an increase in sales and popularity and a brand name will be created

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